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Miraze, Indústria de Componentes para Calçado e Textil, is a portuguese company established in 1987 dedicated to manufacture components for footwear and textiles. The growth and development of our company has always been one of our main concerns, growing solidly, sustained and with a well-defined goal: to position itself in the market as a reference company in this area.

Our mission is to manufacture high-quality materials, to abolish the needs of an increasingly diverse and demanding market. It is our commitment to bet on the excellence of our production, along with competitive prices.

We produce all types of:

  • Zippers –  metal, nylon, delrin, invisible  
  • Shoelaces –  in cotton and polyester
  • Brass eyelets
  • Metal buttons for jeans.

Our facilities offer highly modern production lines, including a line of galvanic baths, which gives the possibility to guarantee products with a high quality to our customers , ensuring the necessary response this business sector requires.

The conditions underlying the REACH and CADS standards are strictly controlled and enforced throughout the production process.